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Samples of Press Releases


Permanent Treatment to Repair Facial Wrinkles Announced by San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Contact: Scott W. Mosser, MD, 450 Sutter Building, San Francisco, CA

Phone: (415) 3977778

Email: [email protected]


San Francisco CA - Local Plastic Surgeon makes facial wrinkles disappear permanently using the first and only FDA-approved non-resorbable injectable derma filler.

Local Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Scott W. Mosser, announced today that he has commenced performing cosmetic injection treatments using ArteFill®, the first permanent soft tissue filler to receive approval by the US FDA for treatment and correction of the facial wrinkles known as nasolabial folds, or smile lines.

Dr. Mosser followed closely the research and five-year clinical trials carried out prior to the FDA’s approval of ArteFill® and anticipates a significant and increasing demand from his own patients in San Francisco. 

“This is very good news”, says Dr. Mosser. “The deep wrinkles on either side of the mouth are one of the first facial ageing indicators in both men and women, and now they can be removed permanently.”

Dr. Mosser, a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, with a successful plastic surgery practice in downtown San Francisco, spent his fellowship in California Cosmetic Surgery and has extensive expertise in derma injection facial regeneration as well other surgical cosmetic procedures for the elimination of facial wrinkles.

“California has always led the way in cosmetic plastic surgery products and innovations,” claims Dr. Mosser, “and I’ll continue to seek out the finest and the safest to offer to my patients.”

Dr. Mosser cautions that while this product is not for every patient - and not even for every wrinkle – it will fulfill a very specific patient goal in cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Mosser explained that what makes this injectable derma filler unique is that it contains especially developed microscopic “microspheres” of PMMA (a commonly used synthetic implant material) suspended in a purified bovine collagen gel. The gel carries the “microspheres” into place under the wrinkle, leaving them as a support structure beneath the skin to support the wrinkle and to prevent further wrinkling.

 ArteFill® was developed and is being manufactured exclusively by Artes Medical, of San Diego, California, a medical technology company that has focused on a new category of aesthetic injectable products for men and women. 

ArteFill®, which became available upon its approval by the US FDA in October 2006, represents the first product in Artes Medical’s new category of non-resorbable soft tissue injectable fillers providing a permanent support structure for enduring wrinkle correction.

The initial shipments of ArteFill® were distributed this month to company-trained experts and Board-Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons with the specialized training and skills in injectable derma filler techniques.

Other injectable facial fillers currently in use include human, animal (bovine), and synthetic products such as , Sculpra®, Radiesse®, Botox Cosmetic®, Restylane®, Hylaform® & Captique®, and Juvederm®, and Collegen. Cosmoderm® and Cosmoplast® are two other forms of human collagen grown in the laboratory. All of these have characteristics which make them suitable for particular applications and produce effects lasting from a few months to around two years.

Sculptra® is especially popular in the San Francisco area and Dr. Mosser is a leader in its cosmetic applications. He is an expert in the area of facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Mosser cautions that the very feature that makes ArteFill® injections unique – its permanence - also makes it of vital importance that the surgeon performing the injections should be highly skilled and experienced. As with any surgical procedure, seeking out a qualified surgeon should be the first priority. 

He recommends that anyone interested in wrinkle therapy or cosmetic surgery should research the possibilities beforehand and use only the services of a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon with proven experience and expertise in the procedure desired.

Cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures are carried out by Dr. Mosser in his clinic in the Sutter Building near Union Square and at the California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, Children’s Hospital and Research Center at Oakland, St. Francis Medical Center , and Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Medical Center.

For more information, see



Finally, the Definitive Web Site on Copyright Law, Copyright Research, and Copyright Information, destined for Every Writer’s Desktop

Contact: Brian Scott, Media Director (full address)




The launch of, a free resource site for writers, designers, and artists on copyright law, research, and information, sheds light into every corner of copyright today.

A ray of sunlight in the cloudy field of copyright law, is a new site that offers authors, copywriters, and journalists of every stripe and persuasion a comprehensive reference resource. It should prove to be as handy on writers’ desktops as E. B. White’s “The Element’s of Style” once was on their shelves…and it’s completely free. is the brainchild of Bill Hadley, a professional journalist who specializes in copyright law, and author of the book "Online Copyright Manual for Everyone" (available from Hadley has compiled into an extremely friendly newspaper format a site containing virtually everything you’ve ever wanted to know about copyright.

There are already plenty of legal sites on the Internet on copyright law and even more commercial sites ready to sell advice, forms, books, and guides for writers to make their way through the maze of copyright, plagiarism, and Intellectual Property Law. Most of them just add to the confusion of an already confusing subject. But Bill Hadley’s new site has very intelligently sorted the various subjects into easily accessed columns so the reader can quickly access a specific aspect. Whether it’s How To Copyright Your Work, Copyright Research, Patents, or Latest News in Copyright Law, there’s a category for every query imaginable.

“I just got tired of spending hours asking questions, registering my work, checking laws and keeping up to date on copyright news when I should have been researching and writing the stuff that earns me my living. So I put everything I ever wanted to know all in one place and made it as easy as possible to access and update.” Hadley was quoted as saying when asked for his ‘mission statement’. “If we want our work protected and we want all writers to honor the copyright laws, then those laws and everything that pertains to proper writing procedures should be freely and easily available to everyone. That’s how I feel.”

A couple of other interesting features of the site are current news articles, free legal forms, free reference books, and a patent attorney search. Free e-books abound, and well-written articles on specific relevant topics are regular features.

There’s even a job listing column for freelance writers with links to projects currently available. This feature by itself will be enough to keep freelance writers checking in on a daily basis.

The site’s Blog and Podcast features offer forums to exchange ideas and information pertaining to copyright. As participation increases these should become valuable outlets for both professional and amateur writers.

Of course there are also reference books and writing help software for sale on relevant and related subjects, but is no commercial “get rich quick” Internet venture. Every resource recommended is screened, and feedback is invited on every topic. 

The site design and styling has consciously avoided anything slick or commercial and opts for easy access and readability. Straightforward resource retrieval and Search assistance are key features of the site. is a serious writers’ resource site that will certainly attract the support of writers of every genre, both print and on line, as well as designers, musicians, and artists.

For more information, see (Media Director’s email address)