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Samples of sales and promotional SEO content

Excerpt from a sales letter for a language learning software program:

Learn Hebrew in Thirteen Easy Lessons [banner/heading]

 Dear <           >,

Can you imagine how good you’re going to feel the next time you look at a page of Hebrew text and you will not only be able to recognize the letters and words, you’ll be able to read the text out loud in clear, well-accented Hebrew? Picture how surprised and amazed your family and friends will be – especially when you tell them that you learned to read Hebrew by yourself, and in less than thirteen lessons!

You didn’t dream it….you didn’t spend months in a Hebrew class…you didn’t fly to Israel to study Hebrew…you simply stayed At Home With Hebrew!

How are you going to make this daydream a reality? Keep reading, because I’ve got a sure-fire, guaranteed method for you to learn Hebrew quickly and have lots of fun while you’re learning.

I’m so excited by the success of my Hebrew language tutorial At Home With Hebrew that I’ve created this special website for my CD/ROM Hebrew language learning tool just to tell you more about it. 

You may already be familiar with our Hebrew-Resources website and the many other fine products we offer. If you haven’t visited us yet, stop by soon...or as soon as you’ve finished reading this letter introducing you to our most successful product to date – At Home With Hebrew. (You’ll find our link at the bottom of the page.)

Meanwhile, let me tell you a little more about how easy it’s going to be for you to learn to read Hebrew both silently and aloud, fluently and correctly accented.

Most of the people I know personally who are already using At Home With Hebrew started reading and reciting Hebrew in less than thirteen lessons!

 See, Hear, Practice, and Learn

At Home With Hebrew is a Windows-based software Hebrew language tutorial designed to operate on your PC or laptop in the comfort and privacy of your own home. It includes the essential and all-important Thirteen Lessons to introduce you all the letters of the Hebrew alphabet…plus much, much more!

Here are just a few of the features; I’ll be giving you more details about these and other unique features of this Hebrew language tutorial as we go along:


Excerpt from a sales letter for memory enhancement software:

….Wouldn’t you rather be like one of those people who always remembers your name… your spouse’s parents’ dog’s name…everybody’s telephone numbers…where you can eat sushi after midnight in the middle of the week…and then on top of all that, remembers what Tiger Wood shot to win the PGA Golf Championship three years ago?!

Did you ever wonder what prevents you from being one of those people?

I’m sure I know the answer, and I’m going to share it with you.

When you were a kid in grade school, do you remember having to learn the alphabet or the multiplication tables? I’m sure you recall how you finally learned them. You had to simply memorize them, right? We all pretty much eventually got the alphabet, but some of us still hesitate at 8 x 9…and usually look for a pencil when we hear 14 x 6.

We all acquire some knowledge by just listening or observing, trying it out, and then learning from the experience. 

For example: “Don’t touch the hot stove.”

You touch it anyway.


You don’t do it again. 

That’s the easiest kind of learning, because your innate good sense and instincts will remember it for you and protect you in the future.

Most knowledge, though, requires that you retain a certain amount of information in order to apply it when you need it later. In other words, not just learn it but remember it for a certain length of time. And the most efficient storage place for remembered information is in your brain, not in your PC, electronic agenda, or cell phone.

Who couldn’t use some help to improve his or her memory?  

I have to tell you about an old school friend of mine. Smart guy, hard worker, working as a mid level claims analyst in a large insurance company. Doing okay, but frustrated at his lack of upward mobility in his chosen career but not doing much about it either. That wasn’t his problem, though. His problem was he had a terrible memory.

He regularly forgot his wife’s birthday, telephone numbers, his keys, addresses, his own zip code, PC passwords. He had been known at school for his poor memory, but he scraped through okay, and at work he relied heavily on a good secretary (never underestimate the value of a good secretary!) so there he was, getting along. Nice guy, but not the guy you went to for reliable information.

That was a few years ago. I was then in the preliminary stages of evaluating a very interesting program which was claimed to enhance memory and I asked my friend to try it out for a few weeks. He started using it to remember dates, numbers, names, appointments, and daily personal facts. He got such startling results that he began applying it to his daily insurance work. He was pleased with how much time he saved by simply having the facts in his head.

Then came his big moment. At his firm’s annual company golf luncheon he was cornered by his boss and his boss’ boss who causally inquired about a particularly difficult claim that was currently being processed. He was able to quote exact figures, statistics, names and relevant details with great confidence and ease. Not only did his professional stock go up, but his own self confidence was raised by his employer’s obvious approval. And then he treated them both to a clever analysis of Tiger Wood’s amazing drive on the sixth hole in that PGA Championship three years ago…

He’s doing great now, and he’s perceived as the man to see if you have a question about insurance…or golf.

What was his secret? He didn’t get any more intelligent. He didn’t go back to school or even learn anything new. And he didn’t stay up all night cramming for the golf luncheon. He simply improved his memory on a regular, ongoing, day-by-day basis.

“Hey!” you may be asking by now, “What was that program?” 

That program is……continued

Excerpts from sales letter for e-book on electromagnetic field radiation

Excerpt #1


[Sub-title ]

[Photo of e-Book cover]

The Truth Abut Cell Phone Electromagnetic Field Radiation

You love your cell phone. You probably don’t know how you ever managed without one. I understand. I depend on my cell phone too. But I’ve learned how to use my cell phone in a safe manner, just like I learned how to drive my car safely and just how I learned how to use sharp knives in my kitchen without cutting myself.

Your cell phone…and mine, too…are not just harmless electronic toys. Overuse or misuse of your mobile phone will cause you health problems that will creep up on you without your even being aware of it. 

I said ‘will’, not might, because there is no longer any doubt about the negative effects on your health and well being caused by the electromagnetic field radiation being emitted by your cell phone into your brain every time you use it. 

Here are a few people who have studied this problem and know what they’re talking about…

“Emerging science shows links to conditions ranging from learning and spectrum disorders to cancer. If unabated, the brunt of the disease burden will continue to be borne by our children and grandchildren.”

Dr. George L. Carlo, Ph.D, M.S., J.D.*

Chairman, Science & Public Policy Institute

*Dr. Carlo is a public health scientist, epidemiologist, lawyer, and the founder of the Science and Public Policy Institute. Dr. Carlo headed the $28.5 million research program funded by the cell phone industry from 1993 to 1999. Dr. Carlo has appeared on 20/20, 60 Minutes, World News Tonight, CBS News with Dan Rather and The Today's Show, as well as on CNN, Fox News, and MSNB

[two more quotes]

Now, I don’t advocate getting rid of cell phones. They have too many positive, even potentially lifesaving, uses. And I know cell phones are here to stay in our modern, high tech world – or at least until they morph into tiny communications gadgets that will be surgically implanted into your arm or your head. 

But before that happens, wouldn’t you like to learn more about the dangers to your health (and to your family’s health) that your current cell phone poses?

It’s not difficult to use a cell phone safely. If you’ve been using a cell phone for a long time already and have developed some bad habits, it may be a little more difficult for you to change those habits now…but it is vital to your future health to do so without delay.


Excerpt #2

This baby’s brain is being bombarded with

Electromagnetic Field Radiation (EMF)

If you just bought your teen age child a new cell phone, or if you regularly allow your small children to use a mobile phone, or even if you use a cell phone in your car with your children in the back seat….you are putting them at serious risk!

Find out what scientists have reported on the effects of EMF radiation on the brains of young children whose thin skulls allow deeper penetration.


Excerpt #3

[drawing of cigarette pack with warning label]

Don’t you wish that cigarette packs had come with that warning label when cigarettes were first being mass marketed? If you’ve lost someone in your family to smoking-related cancer or other diseases, I’m certain you do.

The same thing doesn’t have to happen with mobile phones.

How Did it Happen?

Those cell phone manufacturers didn’t set out to endanger us (after all, they’re people like us and they use cell phones too), any more than cigarette manufacturers or asbestos makers set out originally to ruin our health and shorten or end our lives with their products. They were unsuspecting and eager to sell mobile phone and we were unsuspecting and eager to buy them.

Read the cell phone story and learn how the lightening fast spread of this modern communication tool outpaced scientific testing for safety and could turn out to the largest biological experiment in history.

Find out how the telecommunication companies and the government regulatory bodies were warned of the danger back in the 1990s but suppressed and distorted the facts. 

Electromagnetic Sensitivity

We didn’t listen or use common sense…and some of us are already suffering. Find out what


Three product promotion pieces: Self-storage/Electronic Cigarettes/Cheap Shipping

Protect Surfboards and Sports Gear in Bronte Self Storage

Where do you store surfboards and other water sports gear during the off-season or when you go away for extended periods of time? If you live in Bronte self storage is the easiest solution if you call Containaway.

Containaway will deliver to you anywhere in Bronte self storage modular containers of whatever sizes you require. It’s convenient, safe and very affordable.

For example, you’ve got a scooter, a couple of surfboards, a windsurfer, diving gear, and a lot of books, clothes and electronic gadgets. You want to take off and travel for six months and sublet your flat but you need a safe place to store your personal and gear. Here’s how Containaway Bronte self storage can solve your problem:

  • A friendly Containaway representative will help you estimate the correct size storage container you need and send a truck to deliver one of their bright yellow modular units directly to your door at a time convenient to you.
  • You pack your gear into the container using your own packaging and cartons (or Containaway can supply these materials at a competitive fee), you lock the container and you keep the key.
  • Containaway will then pick up the container and take it to their clean, well ventilated, and secure storage warehouse, and you’re free to go about your plans. When you return, call Containaway and they’ll deliver the yellow container back to your door where you will find your gear exactly as you left it, untouched by anyone during your absence.

If you reside anywhere in the greater metropolitan Sydney area, whether in Bondi, Coogee, Centennial Park or Bronte, self storage with Containaway, a locally owned and operated community-oriented firm, guarantees you friendly and reliable service.

Electronic Cigarettes as a Device to Quit Smoking

What are Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes, or e-Cigarettes, are metal or plastic cylinders designed to resemble real cigarettes and are typically composed of a rechargeable battery-operated heating element, a replaceable cartridge containing nicotine and/or other chemicals, and an atomizer. Most have a brown “filter” end and are even equipped with a LED light on the tip intended to glow like a lit cigarette when activated. Designs vary, some not even activated electronically, but mechanically, and others have their own charger cases and can be charged electronically much like a cellphone.

 The action of inhaling on an e-Cigarette triggers the atomizer to vaporize the liquid contained in the replaceable cartridge and gives the smoker a puff of vapor into his or her lungs and a sensation similar to inhaling on a tobacco cigarette.

The overall purpose of an e-Cigarette is to replace a conventional tobacco cigarette with a safer and cleaner alternative. Smoking an e-Cigarette is indeed safer and cleaner than smoking a tobacco cigarette; of that there is no dispute. As the cartridges come in varying doses of nicotine, in theory the smoker can regulate the amount of nicotine received.

Not all e-Cigarettes contain nicotine. Some non-nicotine models are intended simply to take the place of a conventional cigarette and act as a placebo object to fiddle with for an ex-smoker. They hold a replaceable capsule holding a liquid consisting of common food additives -propylene glycol (PG) and/or glycerin (VG) - plus flavorings such as menthol or vanilla. Both PG and VG have been used for many years in asthma nebulizers and are FDA approved as GRAS (generally recognized as safe).

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

The controversy surrounding the use of e-Cigarettes containing nicotine can be summed up in the question: How much safer are they?  

According to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), e-Cigarettes that contain nicotine are ‘drug delivery devices’, and they seek to regulate their manufacture and marketing. If there are, as claimed, flaws in manufacturing and discrepancies in the doses of nicotine emitted, then they may have just cause to regulate e-Cigarettes in the same way they now regulate nicotine gum, skin patches, lozenges, oral inhaled products, nasal sprays, and other nicotine-containing devices.

The FDA’s campaign to regulate e-Cigarettes containing nicotine could be viewed positively as legitimizing their use as an aid to quitting smoking or as a safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

The verdict is still out on whether nicotine vapors when inhaled into the lungs by the smoker or inhaled secondhand (the vapors do escape into the surroundings when not completely inhaled) could have an adverse effect on health. This is a question relevant to any nicotine-containing devices used to quit smoking. The Canadian Health authorities decided that there is a potential health risk and have issued an advisory to Canadians not to use e-Cigarettes until more studies are made.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Effective?

 Using e-Cigarettes as an aid to stop smoking provides nicotine to the smoker with none of the chemicals and tar that comes from burning tobacco and no secondhand smoke to endanger others.

This method can be very effective, but only if: (a) the device functions correctly and the nicotine dose is accurate and consistent, and (b) the user regulates the nicotine dosage in diminishing size or frequency until the smoker is no longer dependent on nicotine.

If e-Cigarettes, which are easily obtainable and not currently regulated, are used by minors or new smokers there is a very real danger that they could develop a nicotine habit as easily as from smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes.

Also, if a long-time or heavy smoker wishing to stop smoking doesn’t (or isn’t able) to regulate the amount of nicotine in each puff on the e-Cigarette no progress will be made and the process of quitting will be prolonged or even reversed. 

Cheap Shipping & Freight Service To/From Australia

Enjoy cheap shipping rates for all your freight service requirements. Don’t waste money on airline luggage fees and overweight penalties when you can use Discount Freight’s dependable and efficient freight service at cheap shipping rates.

Choose the freight service that fits your schedule and destination: sea, surface, air, courier express. We are a full freight service company. Our experience, expertise, and large volume means we can quote you cheap shipping rates whether you are a tourist making a one-time shipment of vacation gear or a commercial enterprise making daily shipments throughout Australia and worldwide.

Our freight service includes free consultation on wrapping, packaging and routes, and the cheap shipping rate we quote you will include everything you need to know regarding pick up, travel time, customs regulations, tracking, and delivery of your shipment.

 Fast quotes, cheap shipping rates, experienced professionals standing by to advise you, and a worldwide network, means you receive superior freight service from Discount Freight for all your shipping needs, no matter how large or small. 

Discount Freight Service handles: suitcases, overweight baggage, packbacks and diving equipment, skis, golfclubs, camping and climbing gear, bicycles and sports equipment, business papers, printed matter, books and pamphlets, fragile items, household goods…and much , much more. Whatever sort of freight you need to send to any destination in Australia or to any of over 190 countries worldwide, we at Discount Freight service are here to fulfill your requirements.

Contact us right now on line a request a cheap shipping quote, or chat with one of our experts to get advise on the best way to send your next shipment. Our Discountfreight expert will tell you about our daily and weekly specials and advise you on how to save money and get cheap shipping rates for all your shipping requirements.

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