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             MY Content Zone

Keyword Articles/SEO

A freelance article copywriter who can supply you on a regular basis with original, interesting, and keyword rich articles to promote your website should be a key member of your marketing team.

In the amazing but crowded world of the Internet getting your web site noticed is an ongoing process. An important key to success in drawing visitors to your site is publishing newsworthy and attention-grabbing keyword rich articles in ezines and online newsletters. Articles published regularly on your site offering valuable free information also attract new and returning visitors.

I write original articles in many fields, including medicine, software, education, health, beauty, finance, travel…and many more. Whatever your site concept, I can tailor an article specifically to maximize interest in your product or service.

As a website copywriter working with site owners and webmasters writing web site content I have gained important insight into the importance of keywords in increasing page rank popularity…but I’ve also learned the risks of overusing keywords.

Website Content/SEO

There are thousands of excellent writers ready and willing to write as much web site content as you want. But there are very few writers who combine excellent writing skills and the specific experience and skills required to create convincing web site text that really helps your website reach your goals.

I recognize how important it is to have original, focused content on your personal or company website. It is a vital component of your internet marketing plan and, ultimately, of your success. I’ll personally work with you, your webmaster, or your public relations or sales department to define your needs and then prepare web page text that is interesting, original, keyword rich, and uniquely focused to convert your website visitors into customers.

Sales Letters & Promotional Content

Writing sales letters is truly an art, and has been since way before the Internet existed, but if somebody gave me a dollar for every Internet pitch I’ve read that starts out, “You can earn $10,000 a week when you learn to write effective sales letters!,” I’d be sitting on a Mediterranean beach right now.

Welcome to MY Content Zone, where I write winning sales letters to suit even the smallest budgets. You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars or even hundreds of dollars for a letter that will convert your website visitors into customers.

My years of experience as a website copywriter and my background in advertising and public relations have enabled me to develop sales letter copywriting skills which apply the latest techniques to draw attention, inform and entertain, and then pull readers into your website and convince them that what you offer is what they need.

When I sit down to write sales letters I am not alone. I imagine sitting on my right shoulder a small crowd of greedy Internet search engines looking for tasty bits of information to push high in their page rankings. On my left shoulder I can feel millions of shoppers clicking away in their search for information, knowledge, entertainment, education…and a reliable place to spend their money.


I’ve ‘ghostwritten’ ebooks on subjects that I’ve researched and written from scratch, collaborated with clients who are experts in their field but need help expressing themselves, written ebooks from outlines, and also edited and proofread ebooks written completely by my clients.

While the writing skills necessary to author 'electronic books' are similar to those needed for traditional print books, online books demand the use of additional techniques geared to the habits of Internet readers. Readers comprehend text read on line in a different manner than they read print books.

Having an experienced and dependable freelance copywriter at hand is an important asset for website owners, Internet marketing pros,...or any individual with a great idea.

Press Releases

Press releases are a very effective way to draw increased traffic to your website. Whenever you add a new feature or product to your website you will want the world to know about it, and getting the news out by issuing a press release to general and specialized news sites will raise your page rankings and site popularity.

There are practical rules for writing press releases whether on line or hard print. Journalist principles apply of course - eye-grabbing headlines and who-what-when-where, delivered in straightforward language - but writing press releases for Internet publication requires some specialized skills and experience too.

Grabbing attention, drawing the casual surfer in enough to make him or her want to find out more, and then showing the easy way to your website is the whole point...but optimizing your press release with relevant keywords to attract surfers from your niche market to your press release in the first place - that's the real way to attract "presold" visitors who are most inclined to buy what you are selling.

If you have plans to promote your website with a press release, contact me and I'll work with you or your marketing people to come up with the most effective format for a winning press release.